Macrobiotic Consultations:

Create a customized macrobiotic diet and lifestyle approach for those facing a health challenge, or just looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Receive 3 months of access to Donna for questions, follow ups and check ins!

Facial Diagnosis:

Otherwise known as Physiogomy, by examining the face, all bodily organs and systems are revealed. Donna will then create suggestions on how to prevent poor health or recover from illness, based on your individual results.

Cooking consultations:

Either in person, in classroom or online, Donna can help you begin your Macrobiotic cooking journey through step by step instruction.

Distance Healing:

Wherever you are in the world, Donna can access your energy form, clear and align the chakras, and bring you to the next step of your healing process.

Discussions, classes and workshops:

Offered year round, both in person and online, Donna hosts a multitude of lecture series and cooking classes. She is also available to host small groups and private sessions.

Home Remedies

Donna will create custom remedies for your particular health needs. She will teach you to make the teas and treatments from home.


Donna told me about a natural remedy that helped rid me of the kidney stones... The doctor was stunned.
— Cynthia Marnik

Kidney Stones

"I have had recurring kidney stones in both kidneys, which resulted in two lithotripsy procedures. Six months after the last procedure, I was told I would need yet another procedure soon, with kidney stones reaching almost 5 cms, which is usually the point where you don’t want to pass them. Donna told me about a natural remedy that helped rid me of the stones. I tried the remedy for her recommended 4
days. When I returned to the urologist to see if I needed the next procedure, he said there was nothing there! No stones! Not even tiny ones! The doctor was stunned. Since then, I have decided to take the remedy once a month for a few days to prevent reoccurring kidney stones. Donna always has great advice and natural remedies for countless ailments that we may all have at some point. Donna can help others
with alternatives to all the drugs and processed food that is available these days. I highly recommend Donna Clifford as a mentor and more for living a healthier lifestyle.

Cynthia Marnik
Mendon, Massachusetts



"The discomfort of seasonal allergies has been bothersome to me for many years.  I suffered from nasal congestion, sinus pressure, and itchy eyes almost year-round.  I took Claritin and Allegra without much improvement.  My allergies even interfered with my sleep.  I tried acupuncture with little relief. Nothing seemed to help.  Then Donna advised me about a home remedy that would be helpful.  I followed her instructions and the results were amazing.  I have been allergy free for months!  I’m even sleeping better. No more over the counter medications for me."

Bo Saetang

Ipswich, Massachusetts


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Included in a session, Donna will created a customized treatment plan for your particular health needs addressing current illness/ health concerns and preventing those you are a candidate for. Donna will create a food plan and prescribe personalized remedies that you can make from home. Session fee includes three months of access to Donna for follow ups and questions. That's three months of a personalized health and wellness coach dedicated to your particular needs!

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