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About Donna Clifford

Over the last three decades, Donna Clifford has committed her life's work to healing people. She helps her clients find physical and mental balance holistically and naturally with a multitude of different holistic health modalities including macrobiotics and lifestyle coaching.

Donna is a Kushi Institute trained Macrobiotic teacher, certified body centered meditation therapist, certified transformational breath-worker, registered polarity practitioner, certified and licensed massage therapist, certified lastone therapist and is certified in ACLS advanced cardiac life support. She holds a BSN in nursing and has been a practicing RN for 35 years.

She has worked with individual clients and groups all over Massachusetts and holds a seat on the board of directors at Salem's Council on Aging. 

Donna is expanding her reach and is accepting new clients through her online portal, meeting one-on-one and expanding her public workshop and class offerings.

What is Macrobiotics?

Since the beginning of time man has lived in harmony with nature.  Meaning that man knew when to plant, when to harvest, the phases of the moon, and natural weather patterns.  Living within nature, sickness was cured naturally. Our grandmothers all knew to head to the kitchen at the first sign of a cold.  Man has come a long way from instinctual knowledge. We now have super-mega grocery stores, factory farmed animals, indoor heating and air-conditioning, and a slew of pesticides, chemicals, plastics, and electromagnetic fields.  Man has lost the connection to nature. We live and work in modern offices and homes and may never walk barefoot outside or know the nature of the incoming tide. The modern lifestyle has brought us to where we are today. SICK! Like slime in a fish tank, we are living amongst our own pollution wondering where cancer and disease comes from.  


Macrobiotics is the path back to natural living in a modern world.

Preparing whole foods with simple ingredients to balance the stress of everyday life cleanses and regenerates our bodies and our minds. Whole foods relax the internal organs creating a calmness about oneself. You may not be able to control outside stressors, but your reactions can be from a state of balance and groundedness. This is the effect of a macrobiotic diet. Macrobiotic foods clear, repairs and aligns your sublime energies such as meridians, chakras, and the aura. Alignment comes naturally. Many have never felt this state of being as unworthiness and fatigue feel normal. Macrobiotics changes that to feeling alive, joyful, and connected to something real. Eating is a mechanism to connect you to your food. Food becomes YOU! That’s amazing. Just think that at one time your bones and organs were once on your plate! Connecting to abused factory animals brings about a connection of aggression. The emotions of that animal are ingested in the stress hormones that flooded the meat. Eating grains and vegetables connects you to the glory of the world that is here for all of us to enjoy-through nature. Eating in a macrobiotic manner also connects you to each other. This builds strong families and communities. Imagine if everyone ate this way. We would experience the promise of one peaceful world which has been spoken by my teacher Michio Kushi.


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I followed her instructions and the results were amazing. I have been allergy free for months! I’m even sleeping better.
— Bo Saetang