Workshops & Classes




Workshop: Advise My Health

April 15, 2019

Salem Community Life Center, Salem, MA

April 15 @ 5:30

A holistic view of rejuvenating and building health through improving the power of digestion. Gain stretngth and vitality with food and lifestyle choices. You have the power to create the helath you want. This information, like you’ve never head before, stemming from ancient wisdom passed down from ancestors which sciences is begining to learn. Learn home remedies and energetic concepts to change your health and your life.

Bring all of your health related question for Donna to answer!

To Register: 978-744-0180


Workshop: Foot Reflexology

March 19, 2018

North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA

Tuesday Marh 19 - 6pm- 8pm - $39 per person

Come learn the ancient art of healing through therapeutic pressure points of the foot. There is a point on the foot for every internal organ and system in the body. Learn to stimulate, energize and sooth your body from the outside - in. Foot Reflexology has many benefits, it increases immunity, decreases allergies, stimulates the central nervous system, reduces stress and increases relaxation. Be prepared to give and receive a relaxing foot rub. Bring a basin and a towel.


Feeding a Healthy Child

Wednesday March 20, 2018

North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA

6:30pm- 9:30pm - $39 per person

Workshop: Macrobiotics Cooking Demo

May 3, 2019

Boston Test Kitchen

Friday May 3 - 12pm-1pm

Come learn the basics of macrobiotic cooking at the Boston Test Kitchen with master chef Donna Clifford. We will be cooking up two seasonal dishes in the macrobiotic style of cooking.

To Register: Stay tuned for eventbrite - Free Event!